Why Family Planning Approval Remains Low

With a population of over 180 million people in the midst of scarce resource, there are increasing calls for Nigeria to consider family planning so as to effectively control the number of birth.
Of course there are series of awareness campaigns by government and health related non-governmental organisation aimed at taking the message of effective family planning (FP) across homes in towns and villages.
But in spite of series of awareness programmes on family planning in the country, the uptake remains very low.
As a means of ensuring effective population control, the global community has set a target that by 2020; more women and girls around the globe would be able to plan their families and their future with the help of Family Planning programmes.
Obviously acting in sync with this global commitment, Nigeria also set a target that by that 2020, its Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) would increase from 15 per cent to 27 per cent.

The CPR which is ‘the percentage of women of reproductive age who are currently using, or whose sexual partner is currently using, at least one contraceptive method, regardless of the method used’, is often reported for women aged 15 to 49 who are married or in a union.
Indeed, to achieve the 27 per cent target, state governments also gave themselves target and Lagos state made a commitment to increasing its CPR to 74 per cent by 2020.
But with 2020 around the corner, recent reports obtained by LEADERSHIP have shown that the state CPR is drastically reducing despite concerted efforts by the government.
The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that in 2007, women age 15 to 49 years who are currently married or in union and are using a contraceptive methods was 40.6 per cent, but that has reduced to 28.5 per cent and 22.6 per cent in 2011/2017 respectively.
Survey conducted by the Performance Monitoring and Accountability (PMA2020), also identified that CPR in the state has drastically reduced in recent time. 
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Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 10, 2018