KURAYE is a rural community that is few kilometres off Katsina city. It is located in Charanchi local government near the state capital. It is home to a large population of rural dwellers, mostly farmers and artisans.
After spending over 45 minutes on a hired motorcycle, scouting the village to locate the PHC, lo and Behold! The only PHC in the community was an eyesore. The project was a constituency intervention built in 2010 but has never been put to use!
The PHC, investigations reveal, has always been under lock, and local groundnut farmers had taken over the compound and turned it into an assembling point for their farm harvest as they tiredly separate the groundnuts from the plant roots.
House of lizards and geckos
“This is a hospital built for lizards because there are no activities here. We address it like that because lizards, rodents have made it their abode,” Umar Bello, an adult in his early 30s said to this reporter upon request on operations of the facility. “Hosipitu kadangaru,” he added in Hausa language.
From all indications, the hospital appeared inactive as it was under lock during the visit. There were no signs of power, neither was the water facility operational. It was already covered by weeds and lacked perimeter fencing.
In front of the facility was a traditional hand-powered borehole surrounded by children.
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Release Date: 
Sunday, December 24, 2017