Saving Women's Lives; Bloggers/Journalists Hangout

DevComs hosted 24 bloggers and journalist in Lagos on the 23rd of May 2018. The discussion was centred on saving women’s lives in Nigeria.  The hangout started around 10 am in the morning with opening prayer from Miss Becky. Everyone present introduced themselves by saying their names, organization and their passion.
The welcome address was done by Mr Akinlabi Jimoh during which he introduced the participants to the agenda of the day and the need for the hangout between bloggers and Journalists. Mrs Fausiat projected an update on past social media activities to showcase the influencers activities so far on the #Notagainmonday and #FPfriday campaigns. The effort of the bloggers and Journalists were commended and they were encouraged to put more effort in mainstreaming the campaigns on maternal and child health.
There was a discussion on a catchy hashtags to use for campaign aside the ones being used already. Many suggestions came up and they include; #Shemustlive #Savemothers #savethechild #educatethegirl #endmohersdeath #motherslivesmatter e.t.c. Majority of the bloggers opted for #Shemustlive as the new hashtag to be used.
The social media Influencers also watched a documentary on ‘Why did Mrs X die?’ This gave them an overview and a deeper understanding of Maternal Health Issues in Nigeria. The Director commented that the situation on ground is sad and things need to change. He also said there needs to be a collaborative efforts because the organization cannot do it alone.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 6, 2018