#PowerTakwaBay; A community that has never had electricity and quality health care in Lagos State

When you hear of #TakwaBay what comes to mind is beautiful ocean, beach, boat rides but the reality is different when we got to the community. According to Baale of #TakwaBayover 250,000 people lives in this community, men, women and children. But #Takwabaycommunity does not have a nepa/phcn Poll not to talk of having electricity since they started leaving there thousands of years ago. This simply means all the benefits of electricity has never been enjoyed in this community. Women deliver their babies in darkness.
The community has a modern #healthcentre but without access to electricity things are not running smoothly especially for women and children. The only means of transportation to the community is via sea, therefore healthcare workers avoid the community and only comes once during the weekdays 8am-5pm. God Forbids if a woman goes into labour in the night or during the weekend then she is left to the mercy of Traditional Birth Attendants.  
 A woman called Modupe Bernand said she has 8 children, none in the healthcentre because of all the challenges associated with it.
The people in #TakwaBay community are advocating for
-quality Health Care Services
-Toilet facilities
-Residential Doctors 
Which is why DevComs led a team of Journalists to the community. The Journalists have since be reporting the issues face by the community and hopefully the community health care system will be improved by stakeholders.
Will you join us to stand up for this community and let us #PowerTakwaBay
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Friday, October 19, 2018