NotAgain Campaign: Raising Government Awareness on Maternal Health in Nigeria

Nigeria, a country of abundant resources and a leading role in African affairs, still struggles with one of the highest maternal mortality ratios worldwide. Although maternal deaths have declined globally since 1990, about 100 Nigerian women die each day while giving birth.
The vast disparity between the rich and the poor in the country contributes to the marginalization of the problem. Leaving the most vulnerable to a low provision of accessible healthcare and nutrition, the disparity has been reported to be the largest among 16 other African countries.
The key to reducing maternal mortality is ensuring that every birth occurs with the assistance of a medical representative. The only way to achieve it is to create a demand for government commitment and accountability. And that’s what NotAgain Campaign does.
As the concept of success is highly contextually subjective, I’ve chosen to start our series of AwardSpace Success Stories with the story of an organization with a mission.
Hosted by AwardSpace since 2014, is the website of a Nigerian campaign creating awareness on the preventable deaths during childbirth and on the maternal health issues in the country in general.

Release Date: 
Friday, December 22, 2017