Ex-minister blames goverment for poor health care system

Nigeria’s former Minister of Health, Professor Adenike Grange has blamed the Nigerian governments at all levels for the poor health care delivery system in the country.
Delivering a keynote speech at the 19th Professor Bassey Andah Memorial Lecture at weekend, Professor Grange said short life expectancy caused by high infant and maternal mortality rate is one of the major challenges facing the country’s healthcare delivery system.

She attributed this to misplaced priorities by parents and the absence of effective health care delivery in Primary and secondary healthcare facilities and even tertiary health care institutions, which  have become  mere referral centres is worsening the healthcare system in the country.
Grange said “over the years effective policies and programmes for establishment of Primary, secondary and tertiary facilities and institutions have been formulated to combat all health needs of the people but lack of efficient management has reduced the exercise to below average”.
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Release Date: 
Thursday, January 18, 2018