DEVCOMS 10th CS-Media Forum; Fighting Maternal Mortality in recession

The 10th Civil Society-Media with the theme, Overcoming the Effect of Maternal Health Challenges during Recession in Nigeria organized by Development Communications Network, DEVCOMS, was held on Tuesday, December 13th at the Spring Park Resort Limited in Lagos state in bridging the gap about accountability and demand for quality maternal health service in Nigeria.
Program Officer, Mrs Omobonike Adebayo who led the DEVCOMs team explained the theme to the media personnel and Civil Society executives with the view to discuss the way forward in the course to champion the fight against the needless deaths of mothers in the country under the NOTAGAIN CAMPAIGN program.
Speaking at the event, President, Resident Doctors of the Lagos State University Hospital, LUTH, Dr Akinkumie, explained the causes and effects of the deaths of mothers on the infant, family and society at large.
Dr Akinkumi stated that the economic recession currently experienced in the country is not peculiar to the nation. He further explained that delays in the delivery of services to the nursing and pregnant mothers will further cramp the healthcare sector with other negatives results if not properly and promptly handled.
He advised that improvement of the healthcare sector, family planning and orientation of the mothers and pregnant women will go a long way to serve as relief against maternal mortality in the country.
Other section include the story idea section facilitated by the Health Editor, Vanguard newspapers, Mr Sola Ogundipe, who lead the participants to begin to write investigative reports and conduct detailed research about the issues needing immediate attention of the appropriate authorities

Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 13, 2016