Story Ideas

Story Idea: Low patronage of maternal health facilities
Broad Issue Story Angles Needed Resources Interviews
Low patronage of health facilities

Why is it so?

  • Probe distance to maternal health care
  • Probe education background
  • Probe attitude of health workers
  • Probe cultural beliefs

 Is it peculiar to a region?

  • Ask your questions from at least three zones
  • Probe cultural beliefs and culture

 What is the way forward?

  • Seek expert opinions
  • NDHS report
  • MDG reports
  • Research materials on attitudes to health facilities from different communities



  • Mothers (patients)
  • Community Leaders
  • Traditional Birth Attendants
  • Midwives
  • CSO representatives in the location
  • Experts: Public Health, Gynaecologists or Sociologists
  • Commissioner of Health/permanent secretary
 Patient dissatisfaction during antenatal visits  Why is it so?

Long queues during antenatal visits

Attitude of health workers

Inadequate health workers


 Is it peculiar to a region/facility?

Compare situations in two or more facilities

Compare tertiary, secondary and primary health facilities


 What is the way forward?

Suggest short and long term remedy

Quote experts

Support evidence with statistics from:
  • NDHS reports (problems accessing health care)
  • WHO statistics (Doctor to patient ratio)
  • Researches on patient experiences during antenatal 
  • Mothers (patients)
  • Community Leaders
  • Nurses and Midwives
  • CSO working on SRH
  • Experts: Public Health, Gynaecologists
  • Commissioner of Health/permanent secretary
  • Medical officer for health at LGAs