Prof. Adewole Urges Health Professionals To Shun Malpractice

Minister of Health Prof. Isaac Adewole has called on healthcare professionals to shun all forms of malpractice so as not to toy with the lives of people seeking medical care.
The minister told a gathering of laboratory scientists on Tuesday in Kaduna that the Federal Government would strengthen existing mechanisms to prevent quacks from taking over the health system.
The minister spoke at the opening of the 53rd National Scientific Conference of Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria.
“The ministry is very much committed to quality laboratory services in Nigeria, this accounted for the inauguration of the Laboratory Technical Working Group (TWG) recently.
“This is to avert the danger of leaving the fortunes of patients and clients in the hands of quacks or impostors.
“The professionals must imbibe the ethics and code of conduct of your profession.
“The lives of everybody are sacred and must be treated as such. Every clinical sample must be treated as a matter of life and survival; professional malpractice must be abhorred by your members.
“Government shall continue to strengthen health regulatory bodies for optimum performance and quality.
“Laboratory accreditation and monitoring will be strengthened to prevent quacks having any hiding place.’’ The minister said.
Adewole, who was represented at the event by Dr Joseph Amedu, also urged the laboratory scientists to delve into research to enhance the quality of health care services in the country.
He assured that the government would encourage and provide enabling environment and resources to strengthen the health system.
“The ministry believes that efficient and motivated work force and professionals are necessary requirements to drastically reduce the present poor health indices in Nigeria.

Release Date: 
Thursday, November 16, 2017